For us, Snack Street is a labor of love. (Seriously: who doesn't love snacks?) We created Snack Street to be a destination: a place where you can discover variety and explore flavor through delicious, high-quality snacks for every occasion. We seek out snacks that delight the senses: the crunch of our soon-to-be-famous garlic dill pickles, the joyful hues of candy buttons, and the zesty taste of a bite of biltong. Here at snack Street, everything we offer has a secret ingredient: superior service. Everyone at Snack Street, from the newbie in the stockroom to the CEO in the boardroom, is passionate about taking you on a flavor adventure, and helping you to find your perfect snack. We believe that snacking is much more than just satisfying a craving or easing a hunger pang because you're an hour away from your lunch break. Snacking is a journey into a vast world of flavor. And wherever there's great flavor, good times are along for the ride.



Our passion for our product and the love of our work make us happy, and our happiness is contagious. Expect smiles to grow wider as we engage, serve, and connect with our customers and each other.



Creating great snacks is serious business that requires informed, committed people. Our knowledge ensures that we have high quality, fresh products, and unique inspired tastes that will delight you.



We believe that snacking is the best way to experience the greatest diversity of flavor, and that a great snack can make every occasion an adventure. (if you're in a boring meeting, you can spice things up by passing around some Szechuan Peppercorn Jerky.) We seek to challenge the conventional by creating and combining snacks in new ways. Our recipes and ingredients come from all over the world, and the snacks that excite us most are the ones that we haven't tried yet.

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